How It Works?

01 Account Creation & Verification

Before using the platform, every user needs to first create an account and be verified. The entire process is completed online via the Shareable Asset app. You will be prompted to provide or verify any required information we need to know about you as well as make the necessary acknowledgments electronically.

02 Browse Investments

Find the investment that suits you the best. Choose from the list of our investment opportunities. With just S£100 investment minimum, you can now have fractional ownership in high return and easy to understand investment through proportional ownership and blockchain transparency.

03 Invest and Pre-Fund

Choose from a range of equity and debt products. Once you've found the right investment for you, prefund your account with the investment you would like to commit through the platform. Once the funds are available, place an offer. Your funds are safe with the custodian and are only transferred once you receive the asset tokens.

04 Receive Tokens and Gains

If the project has a minimum goal requirement, the asset tokens are transferred on reaching the minimum goal. If not the tokens are transferred immediately to your registered wallet. Once you receive the tokens you are a tractional owner of the investment. No more documents or complicated process. Start investing and start earning better.